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Benjamin Abt Microsoft MVP :: Senior Architect/Developer C#/ASP.NET/Cloud :: Technical Evangelist :: Writer

Ben, born in 1987, develops high-scalable and performance-focused web- and cloud applications based on ASP.NET, C# /.NET and Azure.

Started with TCL/TK in 2001 he develops with c# /.NET since 2002 and has specialized in Web applications with ASP.NET MVC in 2007.

Mainly, he lives in Stuttgart, Germany. For private reasons he spends much time Stockholm/Sweden. In addition to German, Ben speaks English and Swedish.

He started SchwabenCode, a .NET focused tech-blog. Also he has released a lot of packages and projects on NuGet and is an active moderator on the largest german C# forum MyCSharp.
Ben is the developer of QuickIO.NET and present on GitHub as SchwabenCode and BenjaminAbt

Microsoft MVP 2015
July, 2015 Ben became Microsoft MVP.

  • High-scalable Web- and Cloud SaaS Applications based on ASP.NET MVC, C# and HTML5/LESS/CSS/TypeScript/AngularJS focused on performance and usability
  • Windows 7/8/10 and Windows Embedded, Windows Server, Azure, TFS, Perforce, Jira, Confluence, BitBucket, git, IIS, Visual Studio Online, Continuous Integration, Visual Studio Online
  • Visual Studio, WebEssentials, CodeMaid, ReSharper, MongoDB, MSSQL, Entity Framework, GitHub, NuGet
  • Rapid Development, Agile Development, Testability, Performance and Scalability
  • 6 to 8 coffees a day
  • Loves Sweden, Travelling, Motorcycles, Hårdbröd and Coffee

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Fabian Gosebrink Microsoft MVP :: Microsoft Ambassador :: Senior Developer C#/ASP.NET / Consultant :: Speaker

Fabian was born in Germany and started working in Switzerland in 2011. He is developing ASP.NET MVC/WebAPI web applications and WPF (MVVM) desktop applications, is active moderator on MyCSharp and one head behind

Beside the .NET-Framework with C# for web and non web applications, Html5, AngularJs, Ionic & Cross Platform development in general are only some techniques Fabian is very interested in.

The agile development of software is also a main point which has his attention. With a PSD-Certificate and SCRUM-Master experience SCRUM really got his focus and he likes to talk about it and everything which is connected (TFS, TDD etc.).

Fabian started his own NuGet-Area here and will blog and publish NuGet packages under the name He is also present on GitHub

Microsoft MVP 2015
October, 2015 Fabian became Microsoft MVP.

  • Travelling, Music/HiFi/Home Cinema, Agile software developing (web- and non-web based), Bowling
  • Speed limits
  • Visual Studio, WebEssentials, ReSharper, TFS, SVN, SCRUM
  • MSSQL, Entity Framework, TDD, Asp.NET MVC, WebApi, Html5, Angular.Js, Ionic, C#, WPF
  • Series (Scrubs, Suits, White Collar, Person of Interest, Castle, ...)
  • At least 7 coffees a day

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